Chaffee County


Downtown Salida
Pictures Of Historic Buildings In Downtown Salida

(February 2006)
Salida, Colorado The A.T. Henry Building built in 1886, at the main traffic light on F Street and Chaffee County Road 291.
Salida, Colorado With my back towards the Front Street Cafe.
Salida, Colorado I do not know much about the background related to this side of a building, but it speaks to Salida's rich history.
Salida, Colorado The Sandusky Building on F Street.
Salida, Colorado The Strait and McKenna Building.
Salida, Colorado I love the old Victorian-style decoration at the top of this building.
Salida, Colorado The Palace Hotel with Tenderfoot Mountain (sometimes known as "S" Mountain) in the background.
Salida, Colorado The entrance to the Cowgirl Coffee Shop is located on the right.
Antique Kayaks Antique kayaks leans against a brick wall. Salida, with the Arkansas River running through it, is arguably the kayaking capitol of the world!
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