Chaffee County in Colorado

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs This morning I was in the mood for a short bike ride but I still wanted to get a good work out, so I decided to bicycle into Chalk Creek Canyon, west of Nathrop. That's a photo of the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs entrance with Mt. Antero in the background.
Chalk Cliffs
Chalk Cliffs
Chalk Cliffs
Heading uphill on Chaffee County Road 162, the Chalk Cliffs are on the right.
Chalk Creek Canyon I passed the wildlife observatory area. No wildlife was spotted this morning, but check out all the deer and mountain goats I photographed in December 2005 at this link: Wildlife in Chalk Creek Canyon.
Chalk Creek Canyon Just past the Agnes Vaille Falls parking lot, this hill was really painful! I think it had to be a 10% grade! :p)
Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls Cascade Falls
At the top of this major hill, Cascade Falls is on the right. This is a really beautiful area to sit, relax and enjoy the sounds of the roaring rapids.
Colorado Aspens The pavement on Chaffee County Road 162 ends approximately 6.2 miles west of the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. At this point, there are some large and beautiful aspens groves in the area. If you continue up the road, you'll eventually reach the ghost town of St. Elmo.
One photo of me on the bike. It was a great ride!

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